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  • Charles Godin born Oct. 15/1877 married at Grand Anse Apr. 22/1906 Virginie Theriault d/o Jacques and Hortense Godin

  • Dina Godin born Oct.2/1871 married Sept. 11/1905 Philippe Sivret s/o elie and Justine Paulin

  • Adenise Godin born Dec 31/1887 married at Lameque Nov. 6/1916 Jean Plourde widow of Marie Leblanc

  • Elizabeth Godin born June 17/1873 married Oct. 12/1897 Augustin Roy s/o Guillaume and Charlotte Hache of Paquetville

  • Prudent Godin born Feb 19/1882 married at Paquetville Apr. 28/1913 Elisabeth Legere d/o Joseph and M Claire Lanteigne

  • Louise Godin born Dec. 6/1885 married Jan. 18/1910 Francois Theriault d/o Aime and Olesine Landry

  • Theophile Godin born Mar. 27/1880 died July 3/1930 married June 28/1910 Mathilde Doiron d/o Guillaume and Christine Theriault

  • Berenice Godin born Oct. 6/1890

  • Onesime Godin born Mar. 15/1875

  • Richard Godin born Dec. 14/1883 died Nov. 4/1884

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