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  • Marie Godin born ca 1843 died ca 1880 married Nov. 26/1862 Gustave Godin s/o Jean Baptiste and Genevieve Theriault

  • Aglae Godin born ca 1845, died June 26/1908, married
    1.) ca 1868 Samuel Paulin s/o Sebastien and Monique Blanchard
    2.) Feb 25/1892 Theotime Gionet widow of Angele Legere
    3.) Aug. 23/1896 David Lanteigne s/o Florent and Henriette Hache

  • Romain Godin born ca 1847, died Mar. 15/1883 married Feb.19/1878 Hortense Godin d/o Francois Xavier and Emilie Hache

  • Pierre Godin born 1849, died Feb.7/1933 at age 84, married
    1.) June 16/1874 Philomene Cormier d/o Charles and Monique Dugas
    2.) ca 1880, Lucille Theriault

  • Sara Godin born ca 1853, married in Grand Anse May 3/1886 Georges Pinet s/o Anselme and Marie Theriault

  • Joseph Godin born Sept. 3/1854 married in Grand Anse Mar. 1/1892 Emilie Theriault s/o Jean Baptiste and Sara Dugas

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