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The above pictures are of James Bolton, great uncle of Steven Knowles
(Whom you can E-mail at
of Gidgegannup, Western Australia. Steve's been unravelling the life of James for 2 or 3 years now, but he still wants to know where these pics were taken and who the other guy on the left is (initials "IW" perhaps??).
James was born in 1902 in Birmingham, England. In 1913 he was sent to Canada as a so-called Home Child via the Middlemore Homes. Arriving in Halifax aboard the "SS Mongolian", he immediately went to work for an Andrew Boyd and family on their Gagetown farm.
It seems that James remained single, and years later James moved to Saint John where he died a lonely man in 1953. Apparently he suffered severe bouts of depression during his life - perhaps a genetic disorder (3 of his younger siblings commited suicide) coupled with the unfortunate events of his older brother dying when James was just 5 years old, when he was 7 his father died, and at 11 James was sent to a foreign land. James had a cast in one eye according to medical reports.
According to two newspaper reports held by Steven, his body was found a few weeks after his death on a path on the property of Saint John Horticultural Association.(In Saint John, New Brunswick) He'd died of a bleeding ulcer.
If you think you might know someone who knew of James or the other mystery fellow in the photo, or if you can recognise the background in the photos please let us know!