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Charles Xavier Dion and Marie Luce Bujold had the following known children:

(1) Charles Henri Fernand Dion born August 22, 1926, married Jeannine Boissonneau of Montreal on January 19, 1957. Charles Henri Fernand and Jeannine had the following known daughters:
(1) Marie Carole Dion born October 21, 1963 and (2) Marie Claire born April 6, 1961

(2) Charles Marcel Dion born February 13, 1924, married Yolande Rousseau of St Hilaire sur Richelieu on April 9, 1947. He died of cancer, June 19, 1993. He was one of the founding members of the Dion Association of America. He is the author of the "Dictionnaire genealogique de la descendance de Jacques Dion et de Jeanne LeCointe" published in 1992 with the colaboration of Brother Thomas Dion, member of the Association. He had a daughter by name of Sylvie Dion.

(3) Stephane who now lives at Baxlie, Georgia, USA.