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		Generation One

	The first ancestor of my Dion family, Rene, came from Bourg de 
Marans, diocese de LaRochelle, Aunis, France. he was married to Gabrielle Roger. 
Rene was a master-carpenter, ship builder. Only one known son came from this union.

		Generation Two

	His son Jacques Dion (Lecompte), our first Canadian ancestor, came to Canada 
between 1660 and 1670, he was baptised in 1649, at "Bourg de Marans, eveche
de Larochelle en aunis, France " He died at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Quebec
city, on Dec.23/1708.  Jacques had a marriage contract with Jeanne (Renard) Lecointe(?) 
signed Dec.26/1671, in front of the Notary Romain Becquet, it is also 
mentionned that Jacques was living on "la riviere Saint Charles dans la 
Seigneurie St Gabriel" property belonging to the Jesuite Fathers, part of 
l'Ancienne Lorette. P.Q.  He married Jeanne(Renard) Lecointe(?) at Notre Dame de Quebec
on April 26/1672, in front of priest Henry de Bernieres. 

	Jeanne(Renard according to Drouin) Lecointe(?) was baptised in 1647, in the parish of St Maclou, 
in the city of Rouen, Normandie, France. She died after 1715, at her son's 
place Pierre at l'Ancienne Lorette. 

	When Jacques first arrived in Canada he worked as a farmer, clearing
land. We find his signature in 1690, he didnt know how to read or write 
before that. 

	Census of 1681, indicates that Jacques lives at "la petite Auvergne"
which is now Ancienne Lorette, near Quebec city.  he was 32 yrs old, his 
wife  was 34, they had one son, Pierre, who is 7 yrs old. He owns one gun, 
one cow, he has cleared 8 acres of land.  He has bought and sold many pieces
of land, and finally he gave his property to his son Pierre at the condition
that he would take care of his mother Jeanne.   Jacques and Jeanne had the 
following children:

Pierre: born, May 27/1674, 
                       he is the one who paternal property. 
                       He got married three times and had 22 children.. 

Ursule-Madeleine: born Mar. 3/1679 died at early age

Joseph: born May 10/1680, died at early age

Jacques: born Dec.20/1681, died at early age