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  • Luc Godin born Dec. 2/1814 died Oct. 15/1883, married July 19/1838 Marie Claire Boudreau (born ca 1817, died Aug. 22/1888 at age 75 yrs)

  • Romaine Godin born oct. 6/1816, died oct. 16/1895, married Jan. 15/1838 Jean Louis Boudreau s/o Sylvain and Judith Blanchard

  • Francois Xavier Godin born June 28/1818, died July 3/1906, married ca 1844 Emilienne Hache

  • Romain Godin born Apr. 10/1820, died Oct. 25/1906, married ca 1844, Vitaline Robichaud d/o Louis and Anastasie Poirier of Neguac

  • Jean Louis Godin born Feb 25/1822, died June 8/1899, married
    1.) ca 1844, Sara Hache d/o Romain and Felicite Legere
    2.) July 3/1864, Salome d/o Eusebe Hache and widow of Honore Albert

  • Henriette Godin born Mar. 6/1828, died at Paquetville, Aug. 31/1905 married Jan. 31/1854 honore Hache s/o Eusebe and M. Blanche Poirier

  • Pierre Godin born Dec. 25/1830, died Sept. 12/1900, married Jan.26/1857 Marcelline Poirier d/o Raphael and Marguerite Robichaud

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