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Entry in Campbellton NOtre Dame des Neiges registers:
DION Joseph Emile son of Ulric Dion and Adeline Boudreau married November 25, 1912, Mary Georgiana McINTYRE daughter of Alex D. McIntyr4 and Rosalie Audet. witnesses; A. C. BelleIsle and Alex McIntyre, prst. W.P.Wallace (#512)

Children in the same registers:

DION Mary Jeanne Albertine (Aime Emile and Georgina McIntyre) born Feb. 22/1914 bapt. Mar. 1/1914. sp. Moses Vezina and Elizabeth Dugas. prst. W.P.Wallace (#897) Married Dec. 26/1931 , at Hull P.Q., to Omer ROBERGE

DION Mary Louisa Eva (Joseph Aime and Georgina McIntyre) born June 8/1917 bapt. June 10/1917. ss. Francis Dion and Louise Bourque. prst. E.P.Wallace (#119)

DION Marie Rose Aline (Emile and Georgiana McIntyre) born may 26/1915 bapt. May 28/1915. sp. Mr. and Mrs. James McIntyre. prst. E.P.Wallace