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Children of Ida Godin and Thomas Carrier

J. Thomas Jr. Carrier, born Nov. 21/1912 married Melvina Gagnon. They had 2 sons:
Preston and Adrien and 5 daughters:

Clarisse, Alvira, Mable, Armande and ?

M. Isabelle Carrier, born Mar. 15/1913 married Francis Mallaley (a brother to Edna....)
They had a daughter who died at birth or in infancy. They also had one son Conrad Mallaley , he was married to Ruth Guitard
they had 3 sons. Conrad died in September 1984.

Marie Violette Carrier, born Feb. 8/1909 married Alexander Furlotte in Sept. l927

Walter Leo Carrier, born Aug. 8/1917, married Edna Mallaley a sister to Isabelle's husband, Francis. They had 5 children:
Joyce, Norma, Velma, Elizabeth and Conrad.

Blanche Carrier was married to Bud (?) Carrier, they had two children:
Jeannette Carrier who married Valmond Godin
Desmond Carrier who married Doris Carrier, she died in June 1991.

Dina married Abe Murphy, they had 6 girls:
Elsie married Jerome Young
Vetta married Marc Smearer
Linda married Garnette Knowles
Alma (died)