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Children of Joseph J. Lapointe and Theresa Shannon

  • Joseph Jacques Lapointe born June 23/1889 married Ruby Furlong d/o Peter Furlong and Mary Jane Lapointe

  • Bertha Elda Lapointe born Sept. 2/1891 died 1980 married Mar. 31/1910 Paul Godin s/o Joseph and Brigitte Lapointe

  • Marie Ann Lapointe born Nov. 28/1892 married Herman John Carnahan (born June 21/1880, died Feb. 7/1950) s/o Robert and Mary Ann MacGregor

  • Michel Ian Lapointe born Aug. 22/1894 killed by car 1980 married to Mary Lapointe

  • Daniel Lapointe born Mar. 20/1896 died 1982 married Flora Esligar


    Children of Joseph J. Lapointe and his second wife Mary Elizabeth Lapointe

  • Margaret Lapointe born July 19/1899 married Alexander Furlong

  • Catherine Adelina Lapointe born Dec. 13/1900 died June 8/1979 married Apr. 23/1919 William Hickey

  • Mary Anne Lapointe born July 24/1902 married Fred Furlotte

  • Henry Alexander Lapointe born Jan. 18/1904 married Nettie English

  • Elizabeth Ellen Lapointe born Sept. 4/1905 married Henry Rudski

  • Jean Alexandre Lapointe born July 22/1907 married Mary Helen Jeanne Carrier

  • Marie Agnes Lapointe born Sept. 11/1909 married Daniel Murchie

  • Marie Eugenie (Janie) Lapointe born June 29/1911 died Apr. 25/1983

  • Joseph Augustine Lapointe born Feb. 1914 married Catherine Guitard

  • Marie Eva Lapointe born Jan. 7/1916

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