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Children of Lawrence James Lapointe and Marie Eugenie (Jeanne) Arseneault

  • Marie Eugenie Lapointe born July 31/1895 married June 20/1911 to Joseph Leblanc of Maria P.Q. s/o Edward Leblanc and Marie Anne Degracey

  • William Edward Lapointe born June 30/1895 died 1968 married Celia E. Whitlock (born 1885 died 1968)

  • Joseph Alphonse Lapointe born June 4/1896 died as an infant

  • David Arthur Lapointe born Sept. 7/1897 married Ella Rigouette

  • Lawrence Alfred Lapointe born Oct. 20/1898 married Grace Meehan

  • Margaret Vivian Lapointe born Jan. 14/1902 died Mar. 12/1916

  • Josephine Lapointe born Sept. 5/1904 married Joseph Owens

  • Mildred Cecelia Lapointe born Apr. 7/1907, died Jan. 23/1983 married John Flynn

  • Joseph John Lapointe (twin) born Jan. 5/1909 married Eileen Bowlen

  • Joseph Leo Lapointe (twin) born Jan. 6/1909 (One hour after midnight) married to Doris Soucie

  • Marion Gertrude Lapointe born Aug. 2/1910 married William Hunt

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