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> Louis Albert Dion and Marie Eleonore Levesque had the following known children:

(1) Joseph Antoine Albert Dion, born September 6, 1904. He married Beatrice Leblanc of Atholville on November 4, 1924. **This is the entry in the Atholville church registers: **
DION Antoine (latin entry) son of Albert Dion and Mina Levesque, married Nov. 4, 1924, Marie Beatrice LEBLANC daughter of Joseph Leblanc and Marie Emilie Barthelot. In the presence of Albert Dion and Joseph Leblanc. F.M.Lanteigne. P. 61, Vol. 2 The following two children of Antoine and Beatrice are registered in Atholville church records.

(1)DION Joseph Louis Maurice Real born Nov. 16/1926 of the lawful marriage of Antoine Dion and Beatrice Leblanc. Sponsors: Edmond Leblanc and Germaine Dion aunt and uncle of the child. G.Gagnon . P. 136, Vol. 2

(2)DION Marie Francoise Hectorine born Oct. 10/1925 of the lawful marriage of Antoine Dion and Beatrice Leblanc. Sponsors: Joseph Leblanc and Emilie Berthelotte. F.M.Lanteigne. CONFIRMED Sept. 12/1934. MARRIED: Sept. 4/1950 at St Edmond de St Jean P.Q. to Charles Edouard LOUBERT. P. 97, Vol. 2

(2) Joseph Thomas Alfred Dion, born May 19, 1909, married Antoinette Boucher of Chatham, Oct. 12, 1923.

(3) Marie Alphonsine Germaine Dion, born August 21, 1905, married Serge Audelin of Montreal, September 14, 1942.

(4) Marguerite Therese Bernadette Aimee Dion, born Apr. 7/1920 of the lawful marriage of Albert Dion and Marie Levesque. Sponsors: George Godin and Aimee Leduc. CONFIRMED at Atholville Sept. 11/1931. MARRIED: Apr. 7, 1942 to Jean Louis BOUDREAU at St Jean de Quebec, parish of N.D. Auxiliatrice. (P. 124 registres Atholville church)