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Children of Margaret Godin and John Mullaley

In 1881 census of Restigouche county, John's mother Jane is living with them
and she is listed as being 97 years old

  • Jane Mullaley born Mar. 31/1870 at age 20 married April 28/1890 Joseph Carrier (age 23) of Durham, NB.

  • John Edward Mullaley born Mar. 17/1877, at age 22 married Oct. 23/1899, Margaret Helena Hickey (age 21) of Lorne Settlement d/o Alex (Alexander) Hickey and Angelique Lapointe

  • Sarah Mullaley (age 21) married March 1/1892, Charles Carrier (age 22) of Durham s/o John Carrier and Margaret Hickey

  • Thomas Mullaley born June 1/1885, married (January or )June 9/1905, Clara Jane Carrier (age 15) d/o Joseph Carrier and Mary Hickey
    *note* in J.River registers date of marriage is Janurary
    but in the Marriages of Restigouche county it is June

  • Elizabeth Mullaley born Feb. 27/1876

  • Julianne (Judy) Mullaley born Oct. 2/1872

  • Patrick Mullaley born May 10/1879 married Elizabeth Hickey Parents unknown, on Mar.6/1905

  • Sevrianne Mullaley born July 16/1871

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