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Children of Joseph Godin dit Bellefontaine born Mar. 14/1771, Rivière Saint Jean, Nova Scotia which later became NB.. Mary had been born in Montreal? and died in French Village York County, NB. after 1851. He married Sept. 29/1795, Marie Martin d/o Jean Balthazar Martin (born Port Royal, NS, Jan. 4/ 1735 or 36) and Marie Anne Levasseur (born around 1740, died June 12/1807 Hautepok (French Village), York County, NB.)

Victoire Godin

Joseph Godin born Sept. 3/1796

Marie Anne Godin born Feb. 19/1797

Marie Godin born about 1799

Julie Godin born about 1803

Elizabeth Godin born Sept. 5/1805

Jean Godin born May 9/1808

Venerande Godin born July 1809

Suzanne Godin born Oct. 5/1811

Madeleine Godin born Nov. 9/1813

Alexander Augustin Godin born May 29/1816

Francois Godin born Jan. 1822