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Children of Mary Lapointe and John Landry

  • Bridget Landry born 1860 married May 17/1904 Patrick Doyle s/o Michael and Margaret Casey

  • James Landry born Apr. 8/1868

  • Catherine Landry born Mar. 13/1870 married Apr. 28/1890 to Abraham Laviolette s/o Lazare and Millie Simard

  • Marcellina Landry born Oct. 23/1870 married May 27/1889 to Michel Shannon s/o James and Christianne Arseneau (born 1861)

  • John Landry born June 26/1874

  • George Landry born Aug. 6/1876

  • James Landry born June 15/1878 married June 22/1903 Laura Healy d/o John and Anne Doyle

  • Margaret Landry born June 20/1880

  • Mary Jane (Helena) Landry born Sept. 10/1884 married June 22/1902 to William Savage s/o Michael and Mary Campbell

  • Mary Ann Landry married Sept. 10/1888 Francois Xavier hickey s/o Edward and Angelique Lapointe

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