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  • Michel Marin Godin born Sept. 12/1794 died oct. 10/1858 married Sept. 28/1819 Appoline Pinet d/o Pierre and Barbe Dugas

  • Moise Godin born Feb. 19/1796 died Feb. 5/1867, married Nov. 25/1818 Julie Robichaud d/o Jean Baptiste of Shippegan widow of Ephrem Blanchard

  • Jean Baptiste Godin born ca 1799, died Sept. 10/1875, married
    1.) Nov. 18/1823 Monique Pinet d/o Pierre and Barbe Dugas
    2.) ca 1858, Emilie Lanteigne d/o Louis and widow of Desiree Duguay

  • Marie Godin born ca 1801, died Apr. 8/1808

  • Eloi Godin born Sept. 6/1806 died Aug.5/1884 married
    1.) May 10/1828 Tharsile Theriault d/o Victor and Julie Thibodeau
    2.) Nov. 22/1831 Marie Cormier d/o Paul and Reine Gauvin

  • Antoinette Godin born Feb 6/1809, married Sept. 20/1830 Jean Dugas d/o Hyppolite and Genevieve Pinet

  • David Godin born ca 1797 married Nov. 12/1822 Angele Alias Marie Blanche Paulin d/o Louis and Helene Chiasson of Shippegan

  • Prospere Godin born nov. 5/1811, died Dec. 2/1896, married ca 1836, Josette Dugas d/o Laurent and Marie Anne Allain

  • Cecile Godin born June 26/1814 died Dec. 5/1874, married Oct. 10/1838, Fabien Dugas s/o Hyppolite and Genevieve Pinet

  • Hermine Rose Godin born Jan. 10/1816 died Sept. 22/1883 married ca 1840, Pierre Dugas s/o Hyppolite and Genevieve Pinet and widow of Genevieve Robichaud

  • Francoise Lea Godin born Apr. 25/1817 died Apr. 24/1818

  • Marguerite Godin born Jan. 2/1820 died Aug. 19/1864 not married

  • Marie Godin born Oct. 17/1807, died Apr. 12/1808

  • Pierre Godin born ca 1802, died Apr. 16/1808

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