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Scary story when your Father is Maurice Doyle
Your Grand Father is named Maurice Doyle
Your Great Great Grand Father is Maurice Doyle

While searching through the "Vital Statistics" records at the Saint John Library one day I came across a scary story. Knowing that my GGGGrand father was named Maurice Doyle and finding this "Murder and Robbery" story committed by a Doyle of course made me curious and I proceeded to reading it with awe and a loud heartbeat.

This is what the story said

"July 3/1838
Murder And Robbery! Notification from High Sheriff of Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia:
"Whereas John CLEM , Elizabeth PIPES were feloniously murdered last night at River Philip and one _________DOYLE (his name was not known yet I guess) of same place is vehemently suspected and charged upon oath as the murderer Doyle has absconded having passed through this place this morning to Sackville, N.B. before the said murder was known and had hired one Moses Lawrence to convey him further onwards: These are therefore to require and command all persons to stop and apprehend the said Doyle so that he may be brought back to this County, to answer the charge of Murder. The said DOYLE is a native of Ireland and has resided at River Phillip for the last 12 months, and came from Miramichi (Northemburland Co.)(my ancestors were from the Nelson Miramichi area) where he had previously resided.

He speaks distinctly with little or no Irish accent; is about 32 or 33 years of age, (same age my GGGGrand father would have been then) stout made, round shouldered, long visaged, dark brown hair, downcast look and when perfectly erect stands over six feet . (Still sounded like it could be him) He had on when he passed through this place, a blue or brown flushing or bearskin jacket, homespun or flushing trowsers, and a straw hat. It is supposed he has with him money, taken from the deceased John CLEM, having changed in this place a Nova Scotia note
Signed Joshua Chandler, Sheriff , 28 June 1838"

The following article reads

"Whereas information has been given of a person minutely answering the description of DOYLE having been seen near the Hospital in town of Chatham. Sunday morning, 1st July where he made inquiry about the road to Woodstock; and also to Canada by way of Bathurst and whereas the undersigned suspect DOYLE is somewhere in Miramichi. These are to require all Constables and all other of H.M. Subjects to apprehend him..
Signed: 2 July 1838, J. Cunard, J.P. , J.T. WILLISTON, J.P., WILLIAM JOPLIN, J.P."

July 10/1838 GNS
"DOYLE" our readers will be glad to learn has been arrested and lodged in safe keeping. Maurice DOYLE, (whoahhh!! same name as my GGGGrand father too) the person with a Cumberland Murder was taken on Friday morning at McLoed's in Kings County by the persons who went in pursuit from Amherst. Thrusday eve. accompanied by the Sheriff of this county. He was carried back to Amherst, examined on Saturday and remanded for further examination on Monday when he was again brought up and several witnesses from River Phillip having been examined, he was fully committed for Trial. The three persons, whose names have been mentionned were found in their beds Thursday morning, all apparently dead, covered with blood, from severe wounds inflicted on the head with the pole of an axe, which was found near an old green house covered with blood in streaks at the sides and the pole having human hairs adhering to it. The wall near the bed where CLEM lay was sprinkled with blood as if repeated strokes had been given . The females after some time revived, but could give no account of their injuries. The must have all gone to bed the evening before and must have been struck while asleep. CLEM is dead and although the females are alive it is not expected that they will recover. The eldest female has a wound over the left eye, some of her ribs broken and other injuries; the youngest a child of ten years has her jaw broken and wounds in other places. From the position they were found in bed it appeared as if they had not stirred after being struck. DOYLE had lived with CLEM as a servant for the last three months:(see original)"

Needless to say, I had to find out what happened to our friend Maurice Doyle , what year he died etc.., well in searching further in the "Vital Stats" I found nothing. I then got the microfilm reels for the year 1836-7-8-9 and VOILA! found the following, in the Oct. 2/1838 News Paper "The Daily Gleaner" which put my mind at rest as the death date of my GGGGrand father was 1862.


"This individual, recently apprehended for the murder of John Clem, at River Philip, has undergone his trial at Amherst and been found guilty. The time of execution has not been decided on."

But I am sure now that the execution was not carried out some 25 years later :)

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