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  • Richard Godin born mar. 21/1880 married Marguerite Pitre lived in Montreal

  • Emelie Godin born Apr. 13/1883 buried Sept. 20/1887

  • Francoise Godin married Alfred Theriault

  • Jean Louis Godin born Dec. 14/1884 married Apr. 18/1923 Marie Louise Cormier

  • Marie Anne Godin born Aug. 2/1886 married July 29/1908 Michel Theriault s/o Philias and Lucille Chenard

  • Maxime Godin born Jan. 4/1888 married Oct. 11/1926 Marie Christine Laurette Legere

  • Emilie Godin born born Sept. 16/1889, school teacher died at Green Point Mar. 7/1968 married Thomas Fournier s/o Georges and Louise Arsenault of Petit Rocher

  • Francoix-Xavier Godin born Feb.8/1892 married in USA Aug.1/1921 Marion Katherine Prosper and resided in Tupper Lake N.Y. USA

  • Sara Godin married June 16/1919 Narcisse Landry s/o Louis and Vitaline Dugas

  • Albina Godin married ca 1912 Nicolas Godin s/o Romain Godin

  • Anonciade Godin married in 1923 to Arthur Baldwin s/o Nicolas Baldwin

  • Maxime Godin married Marie Legere d/o Louis Legere

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