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Paul Godin and Obeline Michaud

(photos Stephen Goodin)

Information given to me by Stephen Goodin

Paul Godin was one of Germain Godin's and Marie Catherine Tardif's son
born in July 1813 at York County New Brunswick.
He married Obeline Michaud at St. Bruno's Catholic Church in Van Buren, Maine.
With several children, they sailed to Louisiana, went up the Mississippi
and settled at a place now called Dayton, Minnesota circa 1850.

Stephen's father, Leonard Goodin, was born on the homestead but moved to California during the 2nd World War. The old homestead is still occupied (1999) by Roy Goodin.

Stephen writes

"I would really like to trace all the descendants of Paul Godin.
Maybe the internet can help fill in some of the holes I have!
I always liked these photos. They seem on the surface stern but I think
they both betray a hint of kindness. "

So if anyone out there is a descendant of Paul, please get in touch with Stephen

The Paul Godin / Jean Campagna the Sorcerer story