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Pierre was in Saint Thomas de Montmagny from 1708 to 1714
He was buried at Saint Francois on July 29/1733

  • Cecile Godin born 1698 married at Quebec, Jan. 8/1722 Guillaume Rouleau so of Guillaume adn Catherine Dufresne

  • Pierre Godin born 1700, married at Quebec, Jan. 28/1725, to Angelique Prou d/o Denis and Marie Ange Gagne

  • Claude Godin born around 1704

  • Genevieve Godin born 1706 married at Berthier, Nov. 7/1730, Francois Larrivee s/o Francois and Madeleine Laisne

  • Jean Godin born 1708, married at St Laurent PQ, Ile d'Orleans, on Nov. 21/1733 to Marguerite Audet

  • Antoine Godin born 1709

  • Ursule Godin born 1710 married at Saint Laurent, Ile d'Orleans on July 20/1733, Charles Dumas

  • Marie Madeleine Godin born 1713

  • Catherine Godin born 1714, married at Quebec Jan. 6/1737 Etienne Fontaine s/o Etienne and Madeleine Fournier

  • Antoine Godin born 1715

  • Marie Josephe Godin born around 1716, married at Quebec on Apr. 26/1735, Louis Thibault s/o Francois and Anne Dupre

  • Marguerite Godin born 1720, married at Quebec on Jan. 11/1738 Simon Dube s/o Laurent and Genevieve Boucher

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