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Just some tidbitds of other Walsh, families I found

Welsh Maudwena age 17 born Campbellton, d/o of Wm Welsh and Mary Doyle married Oct. 7/1905, Charles Robin age 20 born Chatham, living in Campbellton, d/o George Robins and Martha Mann.

Welsh William J.S. age 23 born Bathurst (around 1892), living in Campbellton, son of William Welsh and Mary Doyle, married Sept. 27/1915, Ann Laurette (Laura) Shannon age 23, born Charlo, living Campbellton, d/o Michael Shannon and Mary Hogan.

WALSH George Michael (W.J.S. and Anna Laurette Shannon) born Oct. 10/1920 bapt. Oct. 17/1920, ss. George Bradlay and Mrs. Bradley, Mary Mahoney prst. L.J.Sivret

WALSH J. Wm Andrean (Wm. and Lauretta Shannon) born Oct. 10/1928 bapt. Oct. 14/1928 ss. Henry Culligan and Bertha Fitzgerald, his wife. Married June 11/1951 Andry GRAND

WALSH Mary Muriel Loretta (William John Sherman and Annie Loretta Shannon) born Apr. 14/1923, bapt. Apr. 22/1923. ss. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Henry.

WALSH Raymond Joseph (William Walsh) died Nov. 27/1919, buried Nov. 28/1919 aged 9 months.

WALSH Mary Rita Theresa (Wm. and Annie Lauretta Shannon) born July 13/1925 bapt. July 19/1925, ss. James W. Cantwell and Mrs. Arthur Connell.

WALSH Raymond Joseph (Wm. J.S. and Loretta Ann Walsh, nee Shannon) born and bapt. Feb. 7/1919, ss. Michael Shannon and Mary Shannon.

WELSH Arnold William (William J.P. and Lauretta Shannon) born July 16/1916 bapt. July 23/1916, ss. Wallace Henry and Mary Eileen (Ellen) Shannon. Married in Toronto, June 30/1952 Anita Delphina LEFEBVRE

WELSH John Wallace (Wm. J.S. and Laura Shannon) born Jan. 21/1918 bapt. Jan.21/1918 ss. Michael Shannon and Mary Hogan.

WELSH Michael departed this life at the Hotel Dieu in C'ton, Feb. 10/1912, Intered at Mission Point. P.Q. wit. John Welsh and others.

WELSH John W. (s/o W.J.S. Welsh) died Jan. 22/1918, aged 1 day old.

WELSH Wm. J.S. (Wm and Mary Doyle) married Sept. 27/1915 Ann Loretta SHANNON (Michael and Mary Hogan) wit. Franc. J. Foley and Helen (Ellen) Shannon