***NOTE*** If you are looking for the name HACHE you may find it under the letter -A- as it is spelled Ashe.... Hachie Bruno married Mary Robichaud of Saumarez on Nov. 2/1829 Hashie Peter married Celesta Cormier of Caraquet on May 2/1831 Hagarty Thomas married Catherine Lyon of Nepisiquit on May 3/1831 Hamilton James married Jane Mc Gill of Addington on Nov. 18/1833 Hamilton Peter married Catherine Hamilton of Addington on Feb. 25/1833 Hammond John married Angele Robicheau of Shippagan on Jan. 29/1837 Harding Peter married Hannah Leclair of Caraquet on Aug. 7/1837 Harvey Robert married Mary Murphy of Beresford on Feb. 1/1836 Hebert Hubert married Selesse Rosette of Caraquet on Apr. 23/1838 Henderson David married Elizabeth Reid of Addington on Aug. 13/1829 Henderson John married Sarah Diamond of Addington on Dec. 24/1830 Henderson Thomas married Mary Mac Donald of Addington on Jan. 23/1837 Hennessy Thomas married Elizabeth Quirke of Pockemouche on Aug. 12/1834 Henry Robert married Ann Woodside of Beresford on Oct. 15/1832 Herbert John married Mary Maher of Pockemouche on Aug. 7/1839 Hesket Mathew married Helen Daugherty of Bathurst on Aug. 5/1828 Hesket Robert married Hellen Barry of Bathurs on Nov. 282/1834 Hickson William married Elizabeth Daley of New Brandon on Nov. 1/1837 Higgins William D. married Francis Elizabeth Welsh of Bathurst Feb.1/1836 Hill John married Claire Pitre of Bathurst on Sept. 23/1833 Hodnett Edward married Jane Brown of Bathurst on July 20/1831 Holehouse Archibald married Ann Gilker of Bathurst on June 25/1838 Hornybrook William(New Brandon)married Elizabeth Gabriel(Bathurst)July 4/1836 Hull David married Margaret Waxford of Beresford on May 31/1827 Huzzey Sylvanus married Mabel Cornell of Bathurst on July 1/1834 Huzzey William married Mary Ann Glendenning of Bathurst on July 10/1834

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