Talbot Thomas married Mary Haley of Belledune on Jan. 9/1838 Taylor Alexander married Marion Wilson of Beresford on Dec. 14/1835 Taylor George(Bathurst) married Margaret Young(New Brandon)July 15/1836 Taylor Henry married Rosanna Mc Murray of Addington on July 10/1827 Tayte Anthony B.(Bathurst) married Rebecca Smith(Saumarez)Dec.2/1830 Terriau Anthony married Mageleine Poirier of Caraquet on Jan. 19/1829 Therriault Benjamin married Celeste Young of Saumarez May 29/1834 Therrio Dumas married Appoline Poirier of Grand Anse on Jan. 21/1840 Theriau Edward married Mary Dugal of Caraquet on Sept. 23/1828 Therrioux Etienne(Grand Anse)married Domitile Cormier(Caraquet)Jan. 2/1833 Therriou Francis Dasis married Judith Dugas of Grand Anse on Jan.2/1833 Terriau Gregoire married Elizabeth Boudro of Caraquet on Nov. 13/1827 Therriaut John married Mary Hashie of Caraquet on May 2/1831 Terriau John(Bathurst) married Helen Pitre(Little Roche)Jan. 19/1830 Theriault Joseph married Natalia Landry of Caraquet on May 1/1831 Theriault Pierre(Caraquet) married Emelie Lebreton(Tracadie)Jan. 2/1834 Theriault Tranquille(Caraquet) married Julie Brideau(Tracadie)Jan.2/1834 Thibodeau Dosithe married Martha Robicheau of Tracadie on June 22/1837 Thorton Michael married Helen Mathewson of Addington on Aug. 9/1838 Tingley John married Sophia Borland of Addington on Dec. 22/1831 Turvey Michel married Hunnah Ward of Beresford on June 19/1830

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