1841 TO 1860

Where only one parish is mentionned, both the bride and the groom
were from that area..and names are written here as they were found
in registers...

Allaire Pierre married Seraphine Cormier of Beresford Jan. 26/1851

Anderson William married Elizabeth Taylor of Beresford on May 14/1849

Andrews James(Addington) married Mary Miller(Bathurst)Sept. 10/1854

Armstrong Andrew(Bathurst) married Nancy Mc Donald (Beresford) June 2/1853

Arceneau Ambrose married Rose Goddin of Beresford on Aug. 5/1851

Arsenault Cesar married Marie Hache of Beresford on Nov. 4/1856

Arseneau Isaac married Mary Lejeune of Beresford on Spe. 3/1850

Baldin Patrick married Nancy Dowling of Belledune on May 1/1842

Barbour Robert married Mary Anne Bradley of Beresford on June 27/1845

Baudry Charles(Belledune)married Mary Godin(Nepisiquit)Sept. 16/1844

Bernard William(Bonavanture)married Sophia Allain(Durham)Nov./1855

Bertin Augustin married Rose Doucett of Beresford on Aug.18/1851

Boudreau Francis married Luce Degrace of Beresford Nov. 12/1851

Boudreau Larion married Ellen Godin of Beresford Sept. 13/1853

Boudro Marcellin married Francoise Doucet of Beresford on Feb. 4/1851

Boudreau Pierre married Rose Comeau of Beresford Sept. 22/1852

Boudreau Romuald(Beresford) married Marie Grant(Bathurst) Nov. 6/1856

Boudreau Thomas married Parsile Morrison of Beresford on Nov. 14/1850

Boudreau Tranquil married Therese Bertin of Beresford on Jan. 19/1851

Burke Robert married Marie Chamberlain of Beresford on May 16/1857

Cameron Fidele married Margaret Haig of Durham on Aug. 16/1850

Campbell Hugh(Addington) married Mary Ann Lankie(Carleton Par)Aug. 16/1843

Chamberlain Denis married Maria Godin of Beresford on Aug. 25/1851

Chelmers Hugh(Beresford) married Pheober Nilson(Bathurst) Aug. 4/1859

Commeau Fabien married Marie Boudreau of Beresford on Sept. 16/1852

Connell John married Mary Cunningham of Beresford Feb. 23/1852

Curo Edward married Mary Russell of Durham on Sept. 6/1852

Curtis Daniel(Bathurst) married Sarah Hadley(Beresford) May 28/1853

Daly Timothy(Bathurst) married Jane Thompson(Dalhousie) Apr. 16/1855

Degrace Ambrose married Marie Boudreau of Beresford on Nov. 4/1850

Degrace Austin(Beresford) married Salome Bouche(Bathurst) July 5/1852

Degrace Raphael married Olive Doucett of Beresford on June 24/1853

Delaney Daniel(Dalhousie) married Mary Ann Meahan(Bathurst) on Nov. 25/1855

Dempsey Patrick married Reine Pitre of Jacquet River on Nov. 18/1841

Dorthy Thomas married Betsy Smith of Belledune on July 23/1854

Doucet Alexander married Marie Roi of Beresford on Mar. 4/1851

Doucet Hilarion married Olympe Frenet of Beresford on Sept. 30/1856

Doucet Xavier married Elizabeth Boudreault of Beresford on Oct. 10/1856

Doyle John married Margaret ?? of Belledune on Feb.5/1839

Doyle John(Durham) married Mary Sweeny(Beresford) nov. 21/1855

Doyle William(Jacquet River) married Eliza Collaroren(Belledune)Jan. 3/1860

Eady James(Bathurst) married Sarah K Pride(Durham) Oct. 28/1852

Esliger William(Durham) married Anne Arceneau(Coburn)Aug. 2/1852

Ferlotte Maxime married Marie Guitard of J.River on Feb.17/1841

Furlotte Pierre married Marie Alain of Beresford on Jan. 18/1847

Ferlatte Samuel(J.River) married Elizabeth Guitard(Belledune)Sept. 12/1844

Fitzpatrick James married Sarah Hagerty of Belledune on May 6/1850

Frenet Marcel married Anne Grant of Beresford Oct. 10/1856

Galbraith James married Mary Lusk of Beresford on July 18/1848

Gerrard Robert(Campbellton) married May Waterson(Bathurst) Jan. 6/1846

Giroux Francois(LaRiviere) married Anne Colley(Eel River) Apr. 7/1854

Grant James married Virginie Doucet of Beresford Nov. 1/1856

Grant Peter married Rose Arseneau of Beresford on Sept. 6/1852

Gray Robert married Ann Hodgin of Beresford on July 11/1844

Guitar Fabien married Virginie Young of Belledune on Feb. 3/1859

Guitar Joseph(Beresford)married Maria Boudrau(Shippagan) on Feb. 8/1857

Guitar Pierre(Belledune) married Elizabeth Bertin(Beresford) Aug. 6/1855

Guitar J married Olive Turvey of Beresford Sept. 14/1846

Hale Edward(Bathurst) married Catherine Coughlan(Dalhousie) May 10/1852

Harpor Donald(Shippagan) married Janet Alexander(Beresford) Apr. 2/1859

Healy John married Mary Murphy of Beresford Apr. 8/1850

Hickie Alexander married Anne Lepoint of Durham on July 22/1851

Horsford Johathan(Addington) married Mary Wiseman(Bathurst) July 31/1842

Jellison Charles(Bathurst) married Maria Baldwin(Beresford) July 9/1850

Legasie Alex married Magdalen Hache of Beresford May 10/1857

Lagace Louis married Marie Arseneau of Beresford Nov. 25/1851

Legace Severe married Sophia Chamberlain of Beresford on May 20/1845

Lapoint John(Riviere Anguille) married Celeste Vienneau(Nepisiquit) 

Laviolette Alexander married Margaret Doyle of Durham on Aug. 11/1851

Laviolette Joseph married Christy Anne Lapoint of Durham on Aug. 11/1851

LeJeune Etienne (Petit Roche) married Virginie Guitard (Belledune) Feb.9/1857

Lusk Hugh married Sarah Galbraith of Beresford on May 12/1845

Mc Curdy Alexander  married Elizabeth Mc Curdy of Beresford Feb. 8/1848

Mc Donald Dennis married Bridget Lawlor of Belledune on Feb.5/1839

Mc Intyre James married Mary Allain of Dalhousie on Jan. 5/1845

Mc Kenzie James(Bathurst) married Sarah Knowles(Beresford) June 11/1855

Mc Lean Heather married Esther Harrison of Restigouche on Oct. 10/1846

Mc Lean Hector (Addington) married Mary Mc Graw (Chatham) Mar.22/1852

Mc Milliam William married Mary Murchey of Durham Aug. 6/1843

Mc Rae Roderick married Eliza Furlotte of Campbellton on Nov.5/1845

Melanson Peter(Bathurst)married Mary Ann Obe(Beresford) Nov. 22/1852

Miller Alexander married Isabella Muir of Belledune Apr. 23/1849

Morrison Marcel(Bathurst) married Elizabeth Cormier(Eel River)Jan.3/1860

Muir Alexander(Beresford) married Mary Glendenning(Bathurst)Nov.5/1857

Muir James(Beresford) married Anges Glendenning(Bathurst)Sept. 8/1858

Murray Jeremiah married Mary Turvey of Colburn on Aug. 4/1857

Murray Thomas married Ellen Carroll of Beresford on Apr. 22/1854

Roirdan Patrick(New Brandon) married Mary Ryan(Campbellton)July 14/1856

Roy Cesar married Helen Frenet of Beresford )ct. 8/1856

Roy Jerome married Olympe Tomait of Beresford July 1/1853

Roi Joseph married Magdalen Bertin of Beresford Jan.9/1851

Slade James married Isabella Pettigrew of Addington Feb. 6/1854

Sligger Andrew(Rest.Co.) married Emelie Arseneault(EelRiver) Setp. 22/1856

Stewart Peter(Colborne)married Jane Galbraith(Beresford) July 27/1858

Thardis J.Baptiste married Virginie Parant of Belledune Nov. 6/1853

Turvey Marcel married Monique Doucet of Beresford Nov. 18/1850

Wilson James married Eliza Beck of Dalhousie on Geb. 3/1843

Young John married Delphine Doucet of Beresford on Sept. 7/1845