The pains of ADOPTION!

Since I've had my web page online I've received MANY demands for help to find biological parents. All adoptees who wrote and the ones I personnally know seem to be missing that same thing.

Here I will try to help those who are adopted and have a void to fill.

By placing some information online for all to see about these "kids" who have not been
allowed to grow up, they are still stuck in this time zone when they were born
looking at every face on the street, looking for resemblances, wondering if that next
woman they meet could be their mother, sister, aunt, if that next man they shake hands
with could be their father, brother or ??

To be given up for adoption at birth by your parent or parents, then to be placed in a loving family (for some not so loving maybe), taken care of with all the best of love and attention, one can get (or again maybe not) does not seem to be enough to fill that "void" for most adoptees. Most of them grow up and at one point or another in their life they start wondering who they are, where they come from, what their mother looks like, is she still alive, do they have a father out there also somewhere, do they have brothers and sisters. When medical information is needed for whatever reason, it is unknown. Personnaly it would litterally drive me crazy. I would have to know. I would not stop until I found out, who, what, where, when and especially why.

If you have a story to tell, or are searching for a parent or a child and you would like
to place your non-identifying info on this site, pls email me or if you have a story to tell
E-mail me

Here is one such Non-identifying information from a friend who is looking

Jack's Story

Next is an email received from a lady who is living the adoptive parent role
and in a way, wether she realized it or not, she mentions all the questions that an
adoptive child may keep asking her/himself for for the rest of his/her life,
about his/her biological parents.. who, why, where, how, when, etc.... ?
But those questions all remain unanswered

Margo's Story