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Godin History English Version
Version Francaise de l'Histoire des Godin

Some Godins/Gaudin/Goodine/Goodwin/Bellefeuille/Bellefontaine/Beausejour and Boisjoli
found in some census around NB and some land grants on the Saint John river NB


Edith Godin born July 28/1883 daughter of Joseph Godin and Brigitte Lapointe of Lorne NB married Maurice Doyle Sr. June 25/1908 in Campbellton NB

Joseph Godin son of Damase Godin and Marie Sarah Boudreau, married Marie Brigitte Lapointe daughter of Jean Louis (John) Lapointe and Brigitte Allain on Apr.18/1882

Damase Godin son of Remi Godin and Theotiste Lejeune, married Sarah Boudreau daughter of Joseph Boudreau and Magdeleine Landry, on Oct. 17/1837, in Petit Rocher, NB

Remi Godin son of Francois Godin and Anastasie Daigle, married Theotiste Lejeune on April 1807, in Bathurst NB she was the daughter of Joseph Briard dit Lejeune and Marie Mézière

Francois Godin farmer, son of Jean Baptiste Godin and Angelique Bergeron, married Anastasie Daigle in 1784 , at Riviere St Jean, NB

Jean Baptiste Godin farmer and fisherman, son of Jean Rene Godin and Francoise Bergeron, born around 1736, married in 1762, Angelique Bergeron, daughter of Michel and Marie Dugas. He died in Bertrand, NB, on Nov. 9/1809, buried at Ste Anne du Bocage Nov. 11/1809

Jean Rene Godin farmer, son of Gabriel Godin and Andree Angelique Jeanne, born in Ste Anne, around 1710, married first, in 1734, Francoise Bergeron dit Damboise d/o Barthelemy and Genevieve Serreau of Port Royal and in second marriage to Francoise Dugas, in 1740

Gabriel Godin son of Pierre Godin and Jeanne Rousseliere, born in Montreal in 1661, married at Quebec, PQ, in 1690, Andree Angelique Joannes (Robert-Jasne), daughter of Robert and Francoise Madeleine Savard. He then moved and set up residence in Ste Anne (now Fredericton) on the Riviere Saint Jean,

Pierre Gaudin dit Chatillon Carpenter, born at Chatillon sur Seines, on May 17/1630, son of Claude Godin and Marie Bardin, of Savolles, diocese de Langres, Bourgogne, baptised on June 27/1630 married Jeanne Roussliere (Originally from La Rochelle, France)d/o Louis and Isabelle Paris de Xaintes in Montreal PQ, on Oct. 13/1654. Pierre died around 1685 in Port Royal..

Claude Godin, Carpenter, son of Vorle Godin and Brigitte Gouzier, married Marie Bardin, originaly from Savolles en Champagne, France

Vorle Godin, Teinturier, born in Chantillon-sur-Seines St-Vorle en Bourgogne, son of Maurice Godin and Huguette Pampelune, married Brigitte Gouzier of Bar-sur-Seines en Champagne, France.

Maurice Godin, Horseman, born at Givet, in the province of Namur aux Pays Bas, married Huguette Pampelune of Sedan en Champagne, France.

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