Church Registers
I have in my possession
or that I have access to and would be willing to do look ups from
but donations to defray cost of registers would be welcome

Please remember also when writing for a lookup to put the name
of the family (families) you are looking for in the "subject"
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Here is a list of the people I send special thanks to for donations sent

Restigouche County Census (N.B.) 1851-61-71-81-91
Northumberland County Census, (N.B.) 1851
Westmorland County Census (N.B.) 1851
Census Records 1881 for Kingston Parish, Kings County (N.B.)
Kings County Census (N.B.)1851
1851 Albert County Census
Census Records Alnwick Northumberland County (N.B.) 1851-61-71-81
Sunbury County Census (N.B.) 1851
Gloucester Co. Census (N.B.)1861-1871-1881
Census of Gaspe coast GASPÉ COAST 1825-1831
Les Registres de St Jules P.Q. 1901-1996
Les Registres de St Simeon P.Q. 1914-1990
Les Registres de Gascon, P.Q. 2 Vol.1898-1989
Les Registres de Port Daniel, P.Q. 2 Vol. 1855-1986
Les Naissances de Caraquet N.B. 1786-1895
Marriages for Rest Co. (N.B.) registered in Gloucester Co. before 1841
Les Mariages du Kamouraska, P.Q. 30679 mariages
Mariages de Riviere Ouelle, P.Q. 1672-1972
Births Deaths Marriages Campbellton N.B. 1910-1930
Val D'Amour N.B. 1902-1928
Val D'Amour N.B. 1929-1945
Deaths of St Quentin and St Martin NB
Index of Marriages for Restigouche Co (N.B.)
MDB Charlo N.B. 1853-1920
Ste Anne de Ristigouche (P.Q.) 1842-1867
North Side of The Restigouche a mixture of PQ and NB 1759-1825
Deaths of Restigouche Co N.B. includes dates of birth
Index of all marriages in Gloucester County N.B.
Marriages and Births
Dalhousie N.B. 1871-1920
Eel River Crossing N.B. 1941-1969
Marriages Sunbury County (N.B.) 1766-1888
Carleton County Marriage Records (N.B.) 1832-1887
Les Régistres de la Gaspesie
by l'Abbe Patrice Gallant (P.Q.) 1752-1850
Births Deaths Marriages Nash Creek N.B. 1867-1920
Births Deaths Marriages Jacquet River N.B. 1886-1920
Marriages Petit Rocher N.B. 1824-1980
Births Deaths Petit Rocher N.B. 1824-1920
MBD Bathurst Ste Famille N.B. 1789-1920
Marriages Bathurst Sacre Coeur Parish N.B. 1881-1920
Marriages Shippegan N.B. 1824-1920
Marriages Caraquet N.B. 1786-1882
Marriages Tracadie N.B. 1798-1920
M/B/D Carleton PQ 1900-1982 and 1793-1900
M/B/D New Richmond PQ 1831-1970
M/B/D Les Registres de Maria P.Q. 1860-1960
M/B/D Les Registres De Caplan P.Q. 1867-1974
M/B/D Les Registres de Nouvelle P.Q 1869-1970
M/B/D Les Registres de St Omer P.Q. 1899-1984
Marriages of the Diocese Rimouski P.Q. 1701-1902-1925
M/B/D Les Registres de Paspebiac P.Q. 1773-1910 1911-1960
M/B/D Les Registres de St Alphonse de Caplan P.Q. 1893-1992
Les Registres du Pere Lang,
Aroostook Maine and Edmundston N.B. Letters A-B-C-D- L-M-MC-N
St Thomas Aquinas Cemetary Campbellton N.B. 1927-1985
Marriages Les Régistres de St Quentin N.B. St Martin N.B. 1910-1985
M/B/D Les Régistres de Bonaventure P.Q. 1793-1900 1961-1991
Marriages of Restigouche Co. N.B. 1888-1919
Les Registres du Pere Lang, Edmundston, N.B.
Letters E to K, and Aroostook Maine:
For email lookup requests
Marriages Belledune, NB 1836 to 1920
BONAVENTURE COUNTY - Carleton - Mann Nouvelle - Ristigouche P.Q. 1861
Saint John Co. Marriages 1853-1863
MDB Dundee, NB, 1880-1920
Marriages Robertville NB 1885-1920
Marriages St Isidore NB 1879-1920
Marriages Inkerman NB 1819-1920
Marriages Pokemouche NB 1843-1920
Marriages Grand Anse NB 1890-1905
Marriages St Simon NB 1913-1984
Marriages Paquetteville NB 1879-1919
Marriages Neguac NB 1807-1920
Marriages Lameque NB 1849-1919
New Richmond Presbyterian registers and genealogy
on the following families Coull, Barter, Robertson, Woodman,
MacWhirter, Willett and many others
Marriages of Restigouche co. N.B. of mixed faiths 1838-1878
M/B/D Dalhousie N.B. Ste Mary's Anglican Church
Marriages Matane P.Q. 1844-1984
Marriages Pigeon Hill NB 1955-1984
Registers of Rev. James Steven covering Church of England N.B. and P.Q.
for Restigouche area New Carlisle P.Q and Gaspe P.Q. area
1833-1847 and 1858-1863
Les Registres de Port-Daniel, P.Q. 1855-1910 --- 1911-1986
Les Registres de Gascon, P.Q. 1898-1935 --- 1936-1989
Les Registres de Saint Jules, P.Q. 1901-1996
Les Registres de Saint Simeon, P.Q. 1914-1990
Les Registres de Riviere Ouelle
Les Registres du comte de Kamouraska
Les Registres de Gaspe-Est
Les Registres de L'Ascension de Patapedia P.Q 1939-1980
Marriages St Alexis, P.Q. (1860-1980)
Deaths St Alexis P.Q. (1871-1981)
Births St Alexis, P.Q. found in Ste Anne of Ristigouche 1860-1870
Marriages St Alexis, P.Q. found in Ste Anne de Ristigouche 1860-1870
Deaths St Alexis P.Q. Found in Ste Anne de Ristigouche 1860-1870
Marriages St Francois d'Assise, P.Q. 1904-1980
Les Registres de St Fidele P.Q. 1936-1974
Les Registres de St Laurent de Matapedia, P.Q. 1888-1980
Les Registres de St Andre de Restigouche, P.Q. 1908-1980
Births of parish of Saint Pierre aux Liens, Caraquet, NB 1786-1895
Les registres de Carleton, P.Q. 1773-1900
Les Registres de Carleton, P.Q. 1900-1982
Les Registres de Saint Quentin, NB
Marriages of Saint John County, N.B. 1839-1847
Marriages of Kings County 1812-1844
Marriages of Westmorland County, N.B. 1790-1856
Early Families Revisited Submitted Early Family genealogy from families of Moncton area
Index of Gloucester County marriages
Balmoral NB Cemetery
Campbellton NB Rural Cemetery
Campbellton NB St Thomas Aquinas Cemetery
Campbellton NB Notre Dame Des Neiges Cemetery
Dalhousie NB Riverside Cemetery
Dalhousie NB St Jean Baptiste Cemetery
Dundee NB Cemetery
Eel River NB Cemetery
Broadlands NB Cemetery
Cemetery of Dundee, N.B.
Cemetery St Andrew's United Church Campbellton N.B. 1922-1987
Mc Loeds NB Cemetery
Nash Creek NB Cemetery
New Mills NB Cemetery
Val d'Amour NB Cemetery
Flatlands Cemetery N.B. 1888-
The Old Athol House Cemetery records
Mostly Scotish/Irish records, Atholville, N.B.
Kempt Rd Cemetery, P.Q. 1828-1982
History and things
Arrivals 99 Our first families in New Brunswick Saint John Branch
The Way It Was Along My Bay Jacquet River N.B.
and Nash Creek N.B. by Vetta Lapointe Faulds
Les Familles de Caraquet
Dictionary of Canadian Families 1608-1760 DROUIN 2 volumes
Histoire Caplan 1875-1975
Histoire Nouvelle 1868-1969
Le Terrier du Saint-Laurent 1663
Les Familles de Maria. P.Q. et leur Généalogie
Les Terres de Chateau-Richer
La Genealogy de Francois Gregoires
Genealogie de la famille Lepage
Ten Lost Years 1929-1939
Les Familles Losier
Familles Acadiennes 2 vol.
Saint Martin de Restigouche, N.B. 1913-1996
Balmoral, NB 1896-1996
Fete des Caissie de Grande-Digue, NB
La famille Goguen
La paroise de l'Alverne P.Q. 1931-1980
Les familles Losiers
Nelson and its neighbours History of Nelson Miramichi
My Hobbies Three by Raymond M. Hickey