Church Registers for Ste Anne of Ristigouche

Ste Anne of Ristigouche is a very old and historical parish
you will find here, registers as old as 1759
Scotish, English, Irish, French, Acadian,
Jersey Islanders, and Micmac Indians
Not to mention many mixed religions
The registers which covers the period from
Oct. 17/1759 to Dec. 12/1761
are those of the Catholic, Recollets fathers "Etienne" Cotton
and "Ambroise" Rouillard. Then there is no sign of a register
for a period of 10 years.

Father "Ambroise" left Ristigouche in 1761 for Rimouski
On his way back to Rimouski one day, in 1768, after a brief stay
at Ristigouche to replace father "Bonaventure", he found death
in an accident. He is replaced by father "Bonaventure" Carpentier

The "Baie des Chaleurs" marriages, births and deaths
are entered in the Caraquet register
There is one single record found for Ristigouche entered by
Father de la Brosse on Nov. 19/1771

From 1773 to 1795, father Mathurin Bourg is at Tracadieche (Carleton)
Province of Quebec, and he covered a great amount of territory
Not only did he cover the Quebec side of the river but
records are found for as far as Baie Ste Marie, Acadia
St John River area, all of Restigouche county and most of
Gloucester county also

When the great deportation took place, there were about 12,000
acadians. Between 1755 and 1763 when the English gave up this
expatriation business, they had expatriated about 9 to 10,000
which left quite a few Acadians to start anew and a lot of the
ones where were expatriated came back

Ristigouche has records for the year 1774 which covers
"Riviere St Jean" , Kennebecasis, Peticoudiac, Memramcook
Port Royal and Baie Ste Marie

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