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Lagace Francis married Matilda Boudrot of Little Roche on June 30/1830 Landry Urbain married Mary Smith of Grand Anse on Nov. 19/1827 Landry Julian married Mary Hache of Nepisiquit on Oct. 21/1828 Landry Simon married Francoise Therriau of Saumarez on Jan. 18/1830 Landry Isaac married Marietta Theriault of Saumarez on Ap.r 9/1831 Landry Jean married Angele Blanchard of Caraquet on Nov. 27/1834 Landry L. married Romaine Terrio of Grand Anse on Apr. 3/1837 Langen ? Charles married Jane Morgan of Addington on Apr. 4/1838 Lanteigne Peter married Matha Boucher of Caraquet on Jan. 18/1828 Lanteigne Michael married Mary Daird of Caraquet on Apr. 22/1828 Lanteigne Julien married Phoebe Doiron of Caraquet on Jan. 29/1837 Lanteigne Jules married Clotilde Doiron of Caraquet on Jan. 2/1834 Laplant Peter married Henrietta Godin of Little Roche on May 2/1831 Laplant Hilarion(Rockville) married Olive Doucet(Bathurst)Nov. 23/1834 Laplante Benoit married Reine Robichaud of Saumarez on Feb. 22/1831 Laroch Michael married Brigitte Malais of Shippegan on Sept. 11/1827 Lavigne John married Lucy Bertin of Little Roche on Nov. 24/1829 Lavigne Joseph married Rebecca Watson of Bathurs on Aug. 30/1835 Leblanc(?) Joseph(Nepisiquit) married Euphrosine Comeau(Little Roche) Aug. 23/1831 Leblanch Edouard (Beresford) married Mary Comeau on Nov. 5/1838 Lecouture Jean Couture married Blanche Chiasson of Caraquet on Aug.9/1835 Legasse Heli(Little Roche) married Mary Herbert(Bathurst) Sept. 14/1831 Leger PIerre married marie Boudreault of Caraquet on Jan. 21/1832 Legere Germain married Colleet Terriau of Caraquet on Nov. 19/1829 Leil David married Margaret Scott of Bathurst onDec. 26/1833 Lejer Joseph married Margaret Theriau of Caraquet on Nov. 11/1828 Lejeune Gilbert married Judit Hache of Petit Rocher on Nov. 21/1831 Liddell James married Jane Willis of Bathurst on Oct. 9/1831 Loane Thomas(New Brandon) married Mary Ann Eady(Bathurst)July 29/1837 Lordan John married Anne Night on Nov. 21/1840 Lovejoy Johathan married Mary Borland of Addington on Dec. 22/1831 Lovett George married Jane Abott of Belledune on Jan. 14/1830 Lumsdon Alexander married Elspeth Robertson of Bathurst on Aug. 8/1835

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