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Mair John married Mary Adams of Addington on Dec.29/1829 Malais Fermain(Shippegan) married Mary Breau(Tracadie)on Sept. 11/1827 Malais Jules married Henrietta Alaric of Shippegan on Sept. 2/1838 Malcom Daniel married Margaret Reid of Addington on Aug. 30/1829 Malcom John married Jane Armstrong of Addington on Aug. 24/1837 Malloy William married Eleanor McDonald of Bathurst on Jan. 3/1830 Malois PIerre married Marie Deroches of Saumarez on Jan. 8/1838 Maloney Patrick married Betty Sullivan on Nov. 21/1840 Mann Edward married Mary Ann Firth of Addington on Mar. 22/1838 Mann James(Beresford) married Mary Ann Griffin(Bathurst) Dec. 4/1832 Mann Robert married Margaret Fletcher of Bathurst on Feb.4/1841 Marks John married Mary Campbell of Saumarez on Jan. 9/1832 Mathewson Robert married Jane Currie of Addington on Dec. 22/1831 Mauris Albert married Mary Doiron of Caraquet on Nov. 19/1829 Melanson Joseph married Helene Doucet of Bathurst on Nov.7/1831 Melanson Lazarus married Appoline Doucett of Little Roche Sept.19/1831 Melanson Maxime married Francoise Boudreau of Rockville on Jan. 7/1833 Melanson Sebastian married Rose Doucet of Nepisiquit on Apr. 12/1831 Mercier Lazarus married Olive Ferlat of Jacquet River on Sept 22/1831 Miller George married Mary Mc Donald of Bathurst on Apr. 30/1835 Miller John married Rebecca Willis of Bathurst on Nov. 24/1824 Miller Richard married Elizabeth Hailes of Bathrust on Aug. 18/1836 Miller Thomas married Jane Smith of Bathurst on Dec. 31/1839 Moffat George married Mary Scott of Addington on July 26/1838 Montgomery Thomas(Addington) married Isabella Adams(Gaspe)July 6/1830 Moran Michael married Mary Fisher of Addington on Sept. 16/1832 Morrison Malcom married Mary Short of Addington on Oct. 14/1835 Murcy John married Ann Mc Kinnon of Addington on Apr. 26/1837 Murdock James married Catherine Mc Mullin of Beresford on Dec.6/1830 Murphy James married Margaret Newland of Addington on Mar. 13/1832 Murphy Jeremiah married Helen Norse of Bathurst on May 29/1836 Murphy James married Frances Sullivan of Pokeshaw on Nov. 6/1839 Murphy Thomas married Catherine Fitzgerald on Nov. 6/1840 Murray William married Elizabeth Barland of Addington on July 24/1834 Murray Thomas married Elizabeth Christopher of Addington on Sept. 13/1838

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