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Louis Dion, born and baptised September 22, 1813, married in parish of St Roch of Quebec, on July 14/1835 to Marie Vezina, born January 30, 1817, daugther of Charles and Marguerite Cloutier. Etienne brother of Louis was present at his marriage. Louis died July 28, 1866, L'Islet PQ. Marie died and was buried at Maria PQ, in February 11, 1884. Louis was a blacksmith, and his anvil is presently in the possession of Amedee Dion, brother of Georges Dion of Maria PQ, (sons of Francois, son of Napoleon)

Louis and Marie had 13 children:

Adeline Dion, born June 9, 1836 at Sain Roch de Quebec

Francois Victor: Born Oct. 17/1841, baptised on Oct. 18/1841 in the parish of St Roch, of Quebec, married at Maria, P.Q. on Jan. 7/1862 to Salome Poirier (born July 14,1846) daughter of Felix Poirier (Shoemaker) and Marie Angelique Boisvert of Cascapedia. He died Dec. 15/1929. Salomee died Jan.21/1931 at age 84 years. Francois Victor and Salome had one son and two daughters.
(1) Francois Ulric; born May 18, 1867, married Jan. 4, 1889 Genevieve Querry daughter of David and Marcelline Garrant.
(2) Marie-Diana; born Mar. 28, 1864, married Francois-Jacques Boudreau of Bathurst son of Fabien et Virginie Diotte on July 31, 1883.
(3) Regina, married July 27, 1908, Alexis Bourdages son of Pierre and Sarah-Euphrosine Poirier.

Ulric Zephirin born Dec. 17, 1854 at L'Islet, Qc., died March 26, 1925 at Caplan, Qc.
(1) On Feb. 6/1877, Adeline Boudreau (born Nov. 13, 1858, died June 24, 1904) daughter of Eric (Ulric/Eric Boudreau died Nov. 2/1890 at age 70 ) and Louise Cyr at Carleton, Pc. They had 12 children.
(2) On Oct. 17/1904, at New Richmond, Qc., Marguerite Cyr (born Jan. 1, 1852, baptised on Jan 25, 1852 at Saints-Anges-Gardiens, New Richmond, Que., died Nov. 30, 1907, and buried on Dec. 3, 1907 in St-Charles-de-Caplan, Que., )daughter of Gratien and Louise Cyr at New Richmond
(3) On May 19, 1908 at Maria, Qc., Desneiges Audet (born Jan. 20, 1854 at Carleton, died Jan. 6, 1921 at Ristigouche), daughter of Theophile and Rose Dugas of Maria.

Napoleon: born April 6, 1849, at l'Islet, married to Anastasie Bourdages (born Jan. 29, 1847) daughter of Raymond and Elizabeth Babin of New Richmond, on Jan. 18/1871. They lived on the "Caps" of Maria, PQ, He was also a blacksmith, father of Joachim (the "strong man").
Anastasie died Sept. 3/1889 at age 40 and Napoleon re-married to Marie Leblanc (born Carleton, Jan. 12, 1838, died Nov. 19, 1910, Carleton) daughter of Fidele and Rose Guite, on Nov. 25/1890.
Of the first marriage 6 daughters and 6 sons were born, of the second marriage; 2 sons and 6 daughters were born.

Albert-Louis: born Jan.12/1850 (or Jan. 13, 1851), married on Dec. 30/1889 at Mission B.C. Rose de Lima Denonville (Laneuville, Lanouville) (born April 24, 1874) daughter of Napoleon and Adele Dupuis. They had 5 sons ans 3 daughters.
His son J.Arthur Dion, born at Vancouver, Jan. 16, 1896, married at Caplan PQ, on Aug. 25/1919, Yvonne Poirier (daughter of Jean Louis and Mathilda Appleby) they got killed in a car accident Jan. 3/1968 in California, just returning from a trip to visit the Expo67 in Montreal and to Gaspe coast area. Louis died at Vancouver on Dec. 21/1935.

Thomas: Born March 1, 1853 at St Jean Port Joli Qc., moved to Fall Rivers, Mass.,
married at Ste Anne de Fall River Mass. USA,
(1) Josephine Jette and they had 3 sons and 3 daughters,
(2) On Oct. 13, 1894, to Elise Martel daughter of Moise and Marie Cote of Baie-du-Febvres Qc..
Charles Thomas died Feb. 8, 1906, buried in St Mary's cemetery in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Delphine: Born April 19, 1847 at Saint Jean Port Joli, married in parish of Notre Dame of Quebec, on July 20/1874 to Clovis Adolphe Belanger son of Joseph C. and Archange Perras. She died Dec. 12, 1882 at age 37, buried in Maria, Qc. Her widowed husband later married her sister Pomela. Clovis Adolphe was a "arpenteur-géomètre" who was born Sept. 6, 1836. His father Joseph Clovis was a Notary and Squire. Delphine and Clovis had two daughters Anna and Alma Belanger (born April 12, 1881).

Josephine: Born April 12, 1838, married Oct. 21/1856 in parish of l'Annonciation of Notre Dame of Bonsecours at l'Islet sur Mer to Hilaire Leblanc son of Jean Baptiste (shoemaker) and Julie Adams.
Josephine and Hilaire had 19 children of which at least 15 died young. Josephine died January 18, 1895 at Saint Roch de Quebec. Hilaire Leblanc was born July 21, 1828 at L'Islet and died at Saint Roch de Quebec on October 25, 1902.

Marie Zelia: born March 29, 1843, died at Quebec on Oct. 3/1922 at age 79 yrs and 7 months. She was never married and used to make home made remedies

Marie Georgiane-Nathalie-Aurelie: born March 20, 1845, married on Feb. 1/1869 to Jean-Baptiste Mercier(born Nov. 17,1828) of saint Joseph de Beauce PQ, son of J. Baptiste and Madeleine Bernier.. In 1926, she was a widow and lived in Fall Rivers, Mass., U.S.A. where she died Aug. 27/1929 at age 84 yrs

Marie Rose de Lima: born Oct. 23, 1856, (Nov. 1857), married Aug. 14/1882 to Napoleon Voyer (born 1850, died Sept. 17, 1925) son of Francois Voyer and Delphine Faucher of St Joseph in Beauce Qc. and widower of Marie Anne Bonin who he had married around 1873. Rose de Lima died Sept. 26/1926 at age 68.
Napoleon had 4 children with Marie Anne Bonin and 5 children with Rose De Lima.

One son of Napoleon and Rose de Lima was Ulric Voyer

Marie Pomela: born April 11, 1860, at St Jean Port Joli, Qc., married Dec.10/1883 at Maria, Qc., to Clovis Adolphe Belanger, "arpenteur", widower of her sister Delphine. She died at Quebec, on Oct. 31/1943 (Nov.1, 1943?).
(1) Their son Anaclet, born May 12(14), 1892, married at Caplan, Sept. 29(28)/1914, Alma Poirier, daughter of J. Louis and Mathilda Appleby.
(2) They also had a son called Clovis
(3) Daughter Clothilde, born March 25, 1886, married Ludger Savard at Quebec on Aug. 16, 1909.

Here is a picture of the Dion Sisters: What appears to be the order on the photo does not look right to me. Pamela is the one standing in the back on the left, Zelia is the one sitting on the right. The other two I am not sure of. Pamela use to send gifts at Easter and Christmas to Adeline (my grandmother) daughter of Ezilda Dion and Thomas Poirier.

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