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Letter F
  • bB> FALLEN Michel s/o Daniel and margaret (Rollan) farmer Rest. bapt. Aug. 26/1844 at 1 mo. godparents John Garty (Gerathy?) and Brigette Hard

  • FARLEY Patrick s/o Patrick and Asella (Meagher) farmer C'ton bapt. Apr. 9/1848 (3wks)

  • FARREL Adam s/o Patrick and Mary (Archibald) farmer Cton bapt. Apr. 2/1861 at 1 mo

  • FARREL Stephens s/o Patrick and Mary (Archibald) Cton bapt. Mar. 31/1858 at 5 mo.

  • FARRELL Ann d/o Patrick (s/b Farrell and Mary (Archibald) farmer, Rest. bapt. Aug. 27/1847 at 6 months.

  • FARRELL Mary d/o Patrick and Mary (Archibald) farmer Cton bapt. July 7/1856 at 9 mo.

  • FARRELL Patrick laborer s/o John and Susan (O'Leary) Rest. married Feb. 4/1846 May ARCHIBOLD (ARCHIBALD) d/o Pat and Brigett (Dumansi (Dunn?)) farmer Rest.

  • FARRELL Patrick s/o Patrick and Mary (Archibald) farmer Cton bapt. Jan.27/1863 at 2 mo.

  • FARRELL William s/o Patrick and Mary (Archevante ?or Archibald)farmer NB b. Mar. 8/1855

  • FAUVEL (FARRELL?) Robert s/o Pat and Mary (Archibald) farmer Rest. bapt. Sept. 22/1859 at 1 month

  • FENLAND/FERLAND Patrick s/o John and Brigette (Doyle) farmer Rest. bapt. Jan.29/1854 (3days)

  • FENLAY Edward s.o John and Brigette (Doyle ) laborer, Rest. bapt. Aug. 8/1852 (15days)

  • FENLAY John s/o Edward and Joannah (Kees) married Oct. 28/1851 Brigett DOYLE d/o Patrick and Brigett (Ryan) both of Rest.

  • FERGUSON John (Jean) laborer Rest. s/o William and Elizabeth (Mc Laughlin) Cton married Catherine Margaret ..... ?.. Rest. Nov. 26/1867

  • FERGUSON Marie Anne d/o William and Margaret (Maroney) farmer Rest. bapt. July30/1853 at 13 mo.

  • FERGUSON Marie Jeanne d/o William and Elizabeth McLaughlin) farmer of Rest. b.Jan. 7/1842, bapt. July 24

  • FERGUSON Martin s/o Beley and Margaret (Maroney) farmer Rest. bapt. July 30/1854 (3yrs)

  • FERGUSON William s/o William and Margaret (Maroney) farmer Rest. bapt. Oct. 26/1856 at 2 1/2 months

  • FERLAND Jean Baptiste s/o Jean Baptiste and Euphemie (Francoeur) farmer Rest. bapt. Mar. 10/1845 at 4 months.

  • FINLAN Joanna d/o John and Brigette (Doyle) Rest. bapt. May 27/1855 (5wks)

  • FINLEY Mary d/o John and Bridget (Doyle) farmer Rest. b. July 2/1857

  • FINLEY Michael s/o John and Bridget (Doyle) farmer Rest.bapt. Apr. 3/1859 at 5 days

  • FINLY William s/o John and Bridget (Doyle) farmer Rest. bapt. Dec. 2/1860 at 8 days

  • FIRTH Adelay d/o William and Bridget (Cannon) farmer Cton bap. July26/1857 at 9mo

  • FIRTH Charles s/o George and Brigitte (Cameron) farmer, Rest. bapt. Aug. 20/1847 (7mo)

  • FIRTH George s/o William and Brigette (Connon, Cannon ?) farmer Rest. bapt. Aug. 6/1845

  • FIRTH James s/o George and Bridbett (Connon) farner Rest. bapt. Aug. 26/1848 (6wks)

  • FIRTH William s/o William and Brigette (Connon/Cannon) Rest. bapt. July 28/1850 (4mo)

  • FITZGERALD Dennis laborer of Cton widower of Margaret (Mc Tomney) married Wealthy WHEELER d/o Simon and Margaret (Connell) Rest. Aug. 12/1861 she was the sister of Francis and Valentine Wheeler

  • FITZGERALD Dennis s/o Micheal and Catherine (Ryan) Cton married Margaret Mc TOMNEY d/o Edward and Elizabeth (Henry) mason of Cton on Aug. 1/1858

  • FITZGERALD Edward James s/o Dennis and Margaret (Mc Tomney) Negac? Cton bapt. July 10/1859 at 10 days

  • FITZGERALD Edward James, s/o Dennis and Margaret (Mc Tomney) Cton died July 31/1859 at 2 months

  • FITZGERALD John s/o Denis and Whelthy (Wheeler) Cton b. Feb. 16/1863

  • FITZGERALD Julie d/o Michael and Ellen (Ryan) laborer Cton bapt. Oct.14/1860 at 1 mo.

  • FITZGERALD Michael s/o Michael and Helen (Ryan) Cton b. Apr. 23/1858

  • FLINN Mary d/o Thomas and Winnifred (Byrns) bapt. June 11/1843 at 3 weeks

  • FLYNN Jean s/o Thomas and Viney ? (Burns) farmer, Rest. born June 23/1842, bapt. July 17, (Thomas McLaughlin)

  • FLYNN John Catholic widower of Catherine MURPHY married Amelia FERGUSON both of Rest. d/o John and Sarah (Mc Cauley) of Rest. on Aug. 5/1867

  • FLYNN Patrick s/o Thomas and ? (Burns) farmer Rest. bapt. June 20/1844 at 1 mo.

  • FORTIER David farmer widower of Petronille (Lahay) married Monique MARCHAND widow of Jean Francois MARTIN on Aug. 17/1859 both of Restigouche

  • FORTIER Jaques s/o David and Monique (Marchand) farmer Rest. bapt. May 23 1863 at 4 wk

  • FORTIER Magdeleine d/o David and Monique (Marchand) farmer Rest. bapt. Oct. 14/1860 at 4weeks

  • FORTIER Patrice s/o David and Monique (Marchand) farmer Rest. b. Mar. 14/1866

  • FOURNIER Marie Georgianne d/o Marcel and Julie (Morin?) farmer Rest. b.June 17/1852

  • FOURNIER Alexander Stanislas s/o Marcel and Julie (Morin) farmer Rest. bapt. July 13/1851 (3 mo)

  • FOURNIER Philomene d/o Joseph and Daphne (Letourneau) farmer Rest. died June 8/1846

  • FROST Oliver died Sept. 8/1856 at 84 yrs at Rest.

  • FULLEN Donald farmer Rest., died Aug. 18/1852 at 70 years

  • FULLEN Helene d/o Patrick and Mary (Connel) farmer Rest. bapt. June 20/1845 at 7 mo.

  • FULLEN Peter s/o Patrick and Mary (Connel) farmer, Rest. b. July 20/1854 bapt. Oct. 29

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