Babrock (Babcock)Benjamin married Maria Gorman of Addington on July 12/1838 Bain James married Mary Christy both of Beresford on April 8/1836 Baldwin Thomas married Mary Caldron of Bathurst on Oct. 21/1838 Baldwin Henry married Mary Stewart of Bathurst on April 9/1839 Barclay Thomas married Sarah Gerrard of Addington on Oct. 16/1834 Barclay Robert married Catherine Fletcher of Bathurst on Oct. 25/1837 Barclay William married Agnes Mc Intosh of Addington on July 17/1837 Barker Moses C. married Sarah Kearns of Bathurst on Sept. 4/1832 Bateman Charles married Mary Tayte of Bathurst on Aug. 27/1835 Bateman John married Mary Bateman of Bathurst on Aug. 25/1836 Bateman Thomas married Catherine Murry of Bathurst on July 28/1832 Bateman Thomas married Jane Ellis of Bathurst on Feb. 15/1830 Bazil Michel married Ester Pitre of Bathurst on Sept. 29/1837 Benoit Anselme married Domitilda Dagnier (?) of Saumarez on July 30/1830 Benoit Hilarion married Venerante Gauthreau of Tracadie on Nov. 3/1828 Bergen Michael married Mary Oneille of Petit Rocher on Feb. 6/1839 Berriot Hilarion married Marie Saint Ours of Tracadie onMay 29/1837 Berry John married Jane Borland of Addington on June 22/1837 Bertain Didime married Celeste Doucet of Saumarez on June 30/1829 Bertin Francis Xavier married Lucille Doucet of Rockville on Nov.12/1832 Bertain Jean Baptiste married Margaret Brideau of Tracadie on Oct.26/1827 Bertain Sifroid married Celeste Ashe of Petit Roche on Aug.27/1839 Bertain William married Margaret Basque of Tracadie on Oct. 26/1827 Bishop Samuel married Catherine Pallen of Bathurst on Jan.28/1834 Black Hugh married ... ? Glendenning of Bathurst on July 24/1832 Blanchard Agapit married Anne Poirier of Caraquet on Feb.7/1838 Blanchard Caraquet (?) married Monique Albert of Caraquet on Nov.27/1834 Blanchard Dosite married Julie Robicheaux of Caraquet on Feb.28/1838 Blanchard Peter (Caraquet) married Margaret Lausier(Tracadie) Oct.22/1827 Blanchard Prosper married Ursule Theriault of Caraquet on May 15/1834 Blanchard Raphael married Antoinette Lanteigne of Caraquet on Jan.2/1834 Blanchard Stephen married Catherine Ferres of Bathurst on Sept.9/1839 Blundell Thomas married Mary Kennedy of Addington on Feb.19/1838 Bonaville Andrew married Monique Prisk of Bathurst on Nov.7/1831 Boucher Charles married Sophie Deroche of Caraquet on July 28/1838 Boucher Firmin married Celeste Lavigne of Bathurst on Nov.24/1829 Boucher Jean Baptiste married Barbe Robichaud of Caraquet on Nov.27/1834 Boucher Marcel married Virginie Lanteigne of Caraquet on Oct. 6/1837 Boucher Simon married Antoinette Doiron of Caraquet on Feb.26/1838 Boudro Bruno married Anastaria Roy of Petit Roche on Sept. 1/1840 Boudro Fabien married Angelique Noutz of Petit Rocher on Apr. 24/1838 Boudro Jean Louis married Goodan Romain (?) of Caraquet on Jan. 15/1838 Boudreau Jerome married Mary Godan of Caraquet on Oct. 16/1827 Boudreau Louis married Monique Roy of Saumarez on Jan. 20/1829 Boudreau Marcell married Marguerite Savoie of Saumarez on Jan. 11/1830 Boudreau Peter married Henriette Arseneau of Little Roche on Nov. 4/1828 Boudreau Pierre married Angele Landry of Caraquet on Jan. 2/1832 Boudreau Placidus married Mathilda Cormier of Little Roche on Nov. 4/1828 Budro Romain married Rebecca Doucett of Petit Rocher on June 9/1838 Bouthi Edward married Marie Poulain of Caraquet on Nov. 27/.1834 Bouthilier Gilbert married Madeleine Gionais of Caraquet on Feb. 26/1838 Boyer Joseph married Rose Pitre of Petit Roche on Nov. 11/1839 Bracket Daniel married Mary Connell of Beresford on Aug. 21/1827 Brady Charles married Ellen Commeau of Bathurst on Aug. 31/1839 Brezeau Joseph married Julie Duguay of Shippagan on May 28/1828 Brideau Francis Xavier married Marie Quessie of Tracadie on Jan.31/1833 Brideau Joseph marreid Margaret Comeau of Tracadie on Jan.8/1828 Brideau Laurent married Marguerite Robichaud of Tracadie on Nov. 7/1831 Brideau Peter married Eugenive Arseneau of Saumarez on July 20/1830 Brideau Prosper married Victoire Robichaud of Tracadie on Nov. 7/1831 Brown Robert married Janet Smith of Bathurst on Nov. 9/1837 Brown George married Mary Ann Carter of Bathurst on June 24/1840 Bryan John married Bridget Haley of Bathurst on Aug. 2/1832 Buchannon Norman married Mary Ann Barry of Alwick on June 18/1835 Burns William married Margaret Young of Bathurst on Nov. 24/1834 Burton William married Sarah Kerr of New Richmond on Mar. 27/1837 Butler William(Miramichi) married Judith Hayden(Pokemouche)on Aug. 1/1828

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