Cahill James married Mary Nash of Addington on Dec. 23/1835 Caldwell Jacob married Barbara Coul of Bathurst on Aug. 17/1832 Calvert James married Mary Dearing of Bathurst on July 9/1828 Cameron Alexander married Elizabeth Hodge of Bathurst on Dec.24/1840 Cameron Duncan married Mary Mc Kinnon of Beresford on Nov. 28/1838 Campbell Alexander married Hannah Crabb of Samarez on July 7/1832 Campbell Robert married Mary Doherty of Bathurst on Oct. 11/1833 Campbell Murdoch married Jessie Blake of Caraquet on July 15/1833 Campbell Neal married Mary White of Bathurst on July 8/1833 Campbell Malcom married Janet Mc Kenzie of Addington on Apr. 7/1835 Carey John married Margaret Duke of Pokemouche on Nov. 6/1839 Casey Felix married Eugenie Boudreau of Bathurst on Aug. 29/1836 Cassidy James married Mary Ivery of Addington on Sept. 26/1827 Cassidy Stewart married Lucy Ashe of Bathurst on Jan. 2/1840 Chalmers John married Mary Galbraith of Beresford on Jan. 9/1840 Chalmers John married Anne Galbraith of Belledune on Dec. 28/1840 Charles Robert married Jane Mc Allister of Beresford on June 27/1835 Charrand Daniel married Mary Charrand of Caraquet on Feb. 26/1838 Chaytors James married Mary Barclay of Beresford on Oct. 19/1829 Cheeters Michael married Catherine Deane of Restigouche on Mar 18/1828 Chenard Michael married Clotilde Lanteigne of Caraquet on Nov. 10/1834 Chiasson Joseph married to Helen Duclos of Saumarez on Nov. 2/1829 Chiasson Aime married Genevieve Doiron of Caraquet on Nov. 27/1834 Christy Samuel married Mathilda Roy of Petit Rocher on June 18/1838 Christy William married Tarsille Arseneau of Petit Rocher on Nov. 7/1839 Clarke William married Mary Christopher of Addington on Aug. 6/1829 Clarke William married Margaret Murphy of Addington on Nov. 28/1829 Clarke Samuel married Isabella Keddle of Addington on Jan. 12/1832 Cleveland Jonthan married Frances Ferguson off Addington on Dec. 28/1830 Coburn John married Nancy Smith of Petit Roche on Nov. 24/1839 Cockran Hay married Grace Powell of New Richmond on July 27/1838 Cody Martin married Mary Barry of Saumarez on May 29/1829 Cole William married Sarah Jamieson of Beresford on Feb.12/1838 Collagin John(Tracadie) married Mary Corbert(Saumarez)on April 26/1829 Collins Timothy married Julie Mahony of Saumarez on Apr. 29/1830 Comeau Joseph married Charlotte Doiron of Tracadie on Sept. 11/1827 Comeau Oliver married Mathilda Brideau of Tracadie on Jan. 12/1829 Comeau Abraham married Henriette Martin of Saumarez on Jan. 7/1830 Comeau Joseph married Lucy Grant of Bathurst on May 11/1830 Comeau Peter married Hippoline Boudreau of Petit Rocher on Nov. 3/1831 Comeau Eugene married Sarah LeBreton of Tracadie on Jan. 2/1834 Comeau Mathurin married Euphrosine Laplant of Petit Rocher on July 9/1838 Commeau Ignatius married Margaret Lejeune of Little Roche on May 4/1830 Conn Richard married Margaret Driscoll of Grand Anse on Oct. 19/1827 Connacter David married Ann Smith of Beresford on Aug. 17/1832 Connaher Peter Adams(Glouchester Co) married Elizabeth Fowls(Beresford)Feb.17/1837 Connelly Daniel married Margaret Kelly of Bathurst on Apr. 7/1836 Cook Donald married Mary Mc Donald of Addington on Apr. 16/1832 Cook William married Elizabeth Hamilton of Addington on Oct. 18/1833 Cool George married Esther Le Breton of Saumarez on May 13/1839 Coombs Joshua married Lucinda Waddy of Bathurst on Oct.3/1833 Cormier Jean married Anatalia Godin of Saumarez on Jan. 20/1830 Cormier Victor married Madeline Parise of Caraquet on Jan. 2/1834 Cormier Amant(Caraquet) married Charlotte LeBreton(Tracadie)on Jan. 2/1834 Cormier Hubert(PetitRoche) married Marie Arseneau(Jacquet River)on Sept.9/1838 Cormier Urban married Modeste Landry of Caraquet on Oct. 3/1838 Cormier Paul married Prudente Thibodeau of Caraquet on Oct. 6/1837 Cormier Hilarion married Domitile Godan of Petit Roche on Oct. 7/1839 Cormier Janvier married Julia Lejeune of Petit Roche on Sept. 15/1839 Cormier Charles married Monique Dugas of Caraquet on Nov. 5/1839 Corry Damiel married Mary Moloughney of Ireland on Oct. 20/1839 Coughlan Cornelius married Mary Cronin of Saumarez on Feb. 27/1830 Coughlan David married Margaret Ryan of Bathurst on Oct. 2/1837 Coughlan Thomas married Mary Power of Bathurst on Jan. 19/1840 Cournu Frank married Rose Boudreau of Rockville on Nov. 15/1832 Couture Lewis married Modeste Legassie of Little Roche on Jan. 26/1830 Cruise John married Catherine Driscoll of Bathurst on June 30/1830 Cummins James married Catherine Horton of Bathurst on Apr. 15/1836 Cunningham Peter married Margaret Walsh of Bathurst on Jan. 18/1830 Curo John married Martha Mc Murray of Beresford on Feb. 21/1829 Currie George married Lucy Palmer of Bathurst on Mar. 25/1834 Currie Thomas married Jane Pollock of Addington on Oct. 5/1837 Cussen James married Mary Foley of Caraquet on Aug. 29/1838

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