Daigle Anthony married Helen Hache of Bathurst on Apr. 26/1830 Daigle Fabian married Mary Hachie of Nepisiquit on Oct. 21/1828 Daigle James married Sally Doyle of Bathurst on Oct. 29/1835 Daigle Tranquille married Madoline Ashe of Beresford on Oct. 20/1836 Daill (Doyle?) Patrick married Catherine Coursy of Saumarez on July 31/1831 Daly Daniel married Margaret O'Koeffe of Glocester Co. on Oct. 29/1837 Daly Patrick married Betty Deveraux of Beresford on Nov. 24/1835 Davis Charles married Johanna Kane of Addington on July 25/1835 Dawson Benjamin married Jane Wright of Bathurst on June 19/1833 Deblois George married Jane Miller of Bathurst on Oct. 10/1838 DeGrace Antoine and Mary Boudreau of Petit Roche on July 22/1836 DeGrace Ferdinand married Marie Hache of Petit Roche on Nov. 9/1840 Demirk Ralph married Lucy Robertson of New Richmond, PQ, on Mar. 12/1838 Dempsey Abraham married Catherine Herra of Beresford on Nov. 24/1835 Dewar Duncan married Isabella Mc Donald of Addington on July 24/1838 Diamond Joseph married Elizabeth Mc Tavish of Addington on Nov. 17/1837 Dickey James married Agnes Jefferey of Addington on Nov.8/1831 Dignard Michael married Magdeleine Robichaud of Saumarez on Mar. 28/1830 Doiron Charles married Margaret Albert of Caraquet on Jan. 8/1828 Doiron Eloi married Marie Chiasson of Caraquet on Jan. 2/1833 Doiron Timothy married Isabella Chenard of Caraquet on Jan. 2/1834 Doucett Aime married Celeste Degrasse of Bathurst on Nov. 23/1834 Doucet Antonio marreid Isabelle Leblanc of Beresford on Nov. 5/1838 Doucett Edward(Bathurst) married Rose Degrace(Little Roche)on Jan. 19/1830 Doucet Fabien married Venerant Ashe of Bathurst on Feb. 3/1833 Doucet Ferdenmind married Helen Leblanc of Bathurst on Oct. 27/1829 Doucet Hilarion married Anne Leblanc of Bathurst on Nov. 17/1840 Doucet Joseph married Louisa Grant of ? on Apr. 26/1830 Doucet Joseph(Nepisiquit) married Sophia Commeau(Little Roche)on Apr.12/1831 Doucett Laurent married Lucie Pitre of Petit Roche on Aug. 27/1839 Doucet Luc(Nepisiquit) married Marie Pinet(Grand Anse) on June 25/1832 Doucett Peter married Francis Degrace of Bathurst on Sept. 26/1831 Doucett Pierre married Pheobe Roi of Petit Roche on Jan. 29/1836 Doucet Raphael married Margaret Leblanc of Beresford on Nov. 28/1838 Doucet Romain married Mary Degrace of Beresford on Nov. 28/1838 Doucett Sifroy married Salome Chamberlain of Bathurst on July 3/1837 Doucet Urbain married Marie Cromier of Caraquet on Apr. 15/1834 Douglas Richardson married Rebecca Dawson of New Brandon on ? 13/1834 Downs Henry married Eliza Christopher of Addington on Jan. 19/1832 Driscoll John married Ellen Connell of Ireland on Mar. 18/1840 Driscoll William married Catherine Law of Ireland on June 23/1836 Duclos Alex(Caraquet) married Genevieve Savoie(Shippagan)on Jan. 15/1838 Duclos John married Angele Savoy of Shippegan on Nov. 26/1827 Duff Alexander married Elizabeth Malcom of Addington on Mar. 12/1829 Dugas Ambrose(Nepisiquit) married Felicite Grant (Petit Roche)on Nov.2/1836 Dugas Augustin married Rachel Boureau of Caraquet on Sept. 16/1839 Dugas Hilare married Mary Godan of Caraquet on Nov. 5/1839 Dugas Michel married Anastasie Hachy of Caraquet on Nov. 20/1832 Dugas Pierre married Genevieve Robichaud of Caraquet on Nov. 17/1831 Dugas Thurlain married Venerante Malie of Saumarez on Nov. 9/1830 Dugais Aime married Marthe Mallais of Shippagan on Nov. 10/1828 Duguay Fabian married Cecile Godan of Caraquet on Oct. 10/1838 Duguay Gervais married Salome Poulin of Caraquet on Feb.19/1838 Duke Richard married Sarah Lejerg(?) of Pockemouche on Apr. 9/1839 Dumarez Perry married Mary Stewart of Addington on Aug. 6/1833 Dunbar Michael married Mary Nevin of Saumarez on July 7/1830 Duplessis Oliver married Lucille Lagace of Petit Rocher on Sept. 21/1837 Durant Henry married Margaret Hunter of Bathurst on Dec.28/1828

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