Packard Bella married Margaret Lang of Bathurst on Oct. 24/1827 Parise Peter married Julianna Poulin of Caraquet on May 27/1831 Parrot Nathaniel(Addington) married Mary Good(Saumarez) Jan.26/1832 Payne William married Mary Bromnem of Bathurst on July 29/1830 Payne Robert(Bathurst) married Mary Parrot(New Brandon)Apr. 27/1835 Pendergast Pierre married Anne Power of Petit Roche on Jan. 6/1839 Phillips John married katherine Mc Carty of Bathrust on Sept. 19/1832 Pinet Anselme married rose Theriau of Grand Anse on Jan. 18/1840 Pinet Fabien married Angelique Lepage of Caraquet on Sept. 16/1839 Pinet Joseph(Grand Anse) married Sara Therrioux(Caraquet)Jan. 2/1833 Pinet Luke married Adelaide Lejer of Caraquet on Jan. 23/1837 Pinet Marselle married Claire Lejere of Caraquet on Nov. 11/1828 Pitre Edward married Margaret Haceh of Bathurst on Sept. 14/1831 Pitre Edward married Rose Doucett of Bathurst on Sept. 26/1831 Pitre Hilaire(Bathurst) married Tarsille Boudro(Beresford)Sept. 1/1835 Poirier Edward married Colette Terriare of Caraquet on Nov. 19/1828 Poirier John Louis married Mary Blanchard of Caraquet on Nov. 19/1828 Poirier Nicolas married Charlotte Lausier of Caraquet on Nov. 19/1828 Pollard John married Olive Bridge of Saumarez on Mar. 28/1836 Poor Charles married Olive Vienneau of Saumarez on ?? Poulain Andre married Marie Blanchard of Caraquet on Nov. 22/1831 Poulain Christoloque married Suaphine Mc Gras of Caraquet on Aug.20/1838 Poulain Francis married Theotiste Poirier of Caraquet on Nov. 19/1828 Pouli Fabien married Genevieve Robicheau of Saumarez on Nov. 2/1829 Poulin Luke married Marguerite Blanchard of Caraquet on May 15/1831 Powell Solomon P(Richibouctou) married Mary Malone(Addington)June 17/1836 Power William married Mary Prenderast of Tracadie on May 10/1839 Power Thomas married Catherine Kennedy of ? on Nov. 21/1840 Pratt William Jr. married Jane Malone of Addington Sept. 15/1830 Preston George married Olive Pollard of Caraquet on Oct. 1/1838

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