Ramsay Andrew married Elizabeth Carr of Bathurst on Nov. 6/1827 Ramsay Angus married Mary Strahorn of Bathurst on June 15/1840 Raytt Alexander married Ann Gosneil of Bathurst Sept. 7/1837 Reid Robert married Mary Alexander of Addington on Mar. 18/1833 Reid James married Anne Mc Pherson of Addington on Nov. 27/1829 Rigby Peter married Mary Hamilton of Dalhousie on Sept. 10/1829 Robert Pierre married Emilie Albert of Caraquet on May 21/1838 Robertson William(Saumarez) married Sarah Walton(Alwick)Apr. 13/1836 Robichaud Nicholas married Helen Caissy of Pockemouche on Aug.5/1828 Robichaux Libain married Margaret Godan of Pokemouche on Feb. 28/1838 Robicheau Augustin married Mary Giasson of Shippagan on Nov. 27/1827 Robicheau Benjamin married Marie Claire Guigard of Shippegan on Mar. 2/1829 Robicheau Francis married Hide Saulnier of Tracadie on July 16/1832 Robicheau Louis(Shippegan) married Brigitte Fin(Pokemouche)Aub. 27/1832 Robinson Joseph married Margaret Comeau of Saumarez on Oct. 29/1832 Robisheau Edouard(Shippegan) married Emily Robishcheau(Pokemouche)Feb.11/1840 Roi Bernard married Magelene Boudro of Petit Roche on Nov. 25/1828 Roi Eloi(Little Roche) married Melanie Godan(Caraquet) Aug. 12/1839 Roi Eugene married Jovite Martin of Petit Roche on Sept. 16/1839 Roy Hilaire married Appoline Doucet of Petit Rocher on Jan. 13/1838 Roy Hippolyte married Marguerite Langlois of Saumarez on June 30/1829 Roy Joseph married Rose Laplante of Rockville on Nov. 12/1832 Roy Joseph married Mary Doucet of Petit Rocher on Sept. 10/1838 Roy Francis Xavier married Tarsille Doucet of Petit Roche on Sept. 9/1840 Rosse Jean married M. Rose Frigault of Saumarez on Nov. 10/1829 Russel Peter married Rachel Nowland of Beresford on Nov. 15/1831 Russel John married Ellen Day of Nepisiquit on ????? Russell John married Elizabeth Murray of Beresford on June 11/1827 Ryan John married Maria Mc Callum of Saumarez on Nov. 28/1835 Ryan James married Margaret Butler of Beresford on July 18/1837 Ryan Thomas married Helen Daly of Bathurst on Nov.19/1827

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