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Children of Joseph Lapointe (twin to Jean Louis) and Elizabette (Lizette) Laviolette

  • Mary Lapointe born Dec.1848 died Nov. 15/1913 married Aug. 11/1873 Joseph Doucet s/o Joseph and Rose Guitard

  • Charles Lapointe born Nov. 27/1851 died Nov. 16/1894 married (1st) Lucy Doucet (born 1861, died July 25/1881 from Allergies to wild strawberries) d/o Joseph and Rose Guitard on June 17/1881 (2nd) on Apr. 23/1883 to Marguerite Shannon (born Apr. 23/1883 died Jan. 21/1941) d/o of James and Christianne Arseneau

  • Joseph J. Lapointe born ca 1852 died 1931 or 32 married (1st) to Theresa Shannon d/o James and Christine Arseneau on July 9/1888 and (2nd) Mary Elizabeth Lapointe Elizabeth Lapointe

  • Louis Lapointe born Mar. 1855 married (1st) Eugenie Belliveau d/o Denis and Olive Beaulieu (2nd) Sept.11/1893 Isabella Doucet

  • Angelique Lapointe born ca 1857 married may 22/1882 James R. Doyle

  • Elizabeth Lapointe born Feb 12/1859 died Jan. 23/1935? Francis Doucet (born Sept. 20/1860 died Dec.8/1934

  • Annie Lapointe born July 25/1862 died Nov. 1947 married Joseph Hayes from New York

  • Margaret Lapointe born 1864 married William Swan from Roxbury Mass. (Adopted son)

  • Lawrence James Lapointe born Sept. 13/1867 died June 3/1951 married May 16/1892 Marie Jeanne Arsenault d/o Dominic and Mary Hashey

  • Alexander Edward Lapointe born Feb. 5/1870 married Marie Roberge

  • Agnes Lapointe married Chester Colby

  • John married ?
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