Wafer John married Barbara Muir of Addington Oct.19/1837 Walker John married Ann Reid of Addington Sept. 25/1834 Walsh James married Henrietta Ferguson of Tracadie Nov.3/1828 Walsh John married mary Duke of Pokemouche Aug.1/1828 Walsh Patrick married Rosa Lagan of Belledune on Aug. 28/1837 Walsh William married Anne Connell of Beresford Oct. 19/1826 Ward Alpheus married Margaret Dickey of Beresford July 23/1835 Wells James married Margaret Mc Laughnely of Belledune Oct. 5/1835 Welsh James married Mary Maher of Pockemouche on Jan. 15/1829 Wetzel James married Maria Black of Caraquet on Aug. 7/1837 Wheeler Simon married margaret Connell of Beresford on July 13/1830 Wheeler Valentine married Martha Borland of Addington on Dec. 17/1829 Whelan Patrick(Caraquet) married Mary Herbert(Pokemouche)Aug. 24/1838 Wheten William married Mary E. Hadley of Beresford on Dec. 29/1834 White Edward married mary Coughlan of Bathurst on Nov. 3/1828 White James married Alice Proctor of Bathurst on Nov. 18/1831 White James married Mary Doucet of Bathurst on Jan. 8/1833 Whitty John married Johanna Barry of Saumarez on Jan.10/1830 Wiseman Joseph married Elizabeth Hornibrook of New Brandon July 14/1835 Wright William married Roseanna Burrows of Bathurst on Jan. 15/1835 Young Robert married Jane Robinson of Saumarez on Apr. 8/1837 Young William married Barbara Mc Lean of Addington on Jan. 11/1838

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